Private importers state imported steel

7th Thai Steel Trade Association Submit a letter to the prime minister State urges import control measures on steel After the domestic manufacturers were affected.

The President of the Association of Metal and Steel Manufacturers Virasak Chaisupat said that today, more than 92 members of the Thai Iron and Steel Association have submitted a letter to the government. To ask the government to speed up measures to protect the steel industry in the country’s existing laws, such as measures to protect the market. Measures to protect imports increased. And countervailing measures
Because of the current trend of the steel industry in the country, the import of steel has increased steadily. The market share in the domestic steel. Currently, the steel capacity in Thailand is about 30%, with the capacity of 100%, the steel consumption is 17-18 million tons per year. At present, the company can sell only 7 million tons of steel per year. Imports from abroad increased by 10 million tons per year, so if no measure came to a halt. Or control the import of steel products. The volume of steel imports will increase to 11-12 million tonnes, affecting domestic steelmakers. Domestic manufacturers have less capacity. Some revenues have reduced production. And lay off some employees
The cause of the increase in imports of iron ore from abroad, in part because some products. There is no industry standard yet. Foreign manufacturers import products mixed best replica watches with Thai products. For the most exported countries, China, Turkey, Iran and Brazil, the growth rate of the Thai steel industry is still growing. If compared with the rate per capita per capita
After presenting the film tomorrow, representatives of the association will meet with Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak. Once again, we are confident that the government will be fair to domestic producers.