Board meetings and Association members 2/2560

Photo Gallery Meeting2-2560-15 Meeting2-2560-30 Meeting2-2560-32 Meeting2-2560-10 Meeting2-2560-14 Meeting2-2560-01 Meeting2-2560-31 Meeting2-2560-17 Meeting2-2560-24 Meeting2-2560-20 Meeting2-2560-02 Meeting2-2560-12 Meeting2-2560-08 Meeting2-2560-28 Meeting2-2560-34 Meeting2-2560-06 Meeting2-2560-18 Meeting2-2560-05 Meeting2-2560-11 Meeting2-2560-03 Meeting2-2560-09 Meeting2-2560-16 Meeting2-2560-29 Meeting2-2560-07 Meeting2-2560-26 Meeting2-2560-23 Meeting2-2560-25 Meeting2-2560-35 Meeting2-2560-33 Meeting2-2560-04 Meeting2-2560-19 Meeting2-2560-22 Meeting2-2560-13 Meeting2-2560-21 Meeting2-2560-27

Private importers state imported steel

7th Thai Steel Trade Association Submit a letter to the prime minister State urges import control measures on steel After the domestic manufacturers were affected. The President of the Association of Metal and Steel Manufacturers Virasak Chaisupat said that today, more than 92 members of the Thai Iron and Steel Association have submitted a letter […]

Board Meeting No. 4/2557, 7/2557 Member Meeting

The Board of Directors ‘Meeting No. 4/2557, Member of the Board of Directors’ Meeting No.7 / 2011, will be held on Thursday, December 18, 2557 from 16.00 – 18.00 hrs. At The Emperor Suite, 4th Floor, Montien Riverside Hotel, Rama III Road, Bangkok. By the president, the meeting. Consider Agenda On the agenda Including the […]

Opens Cold Rolled Steel Products Dealerships

On 17 September 2015, the Department of Foreign Trade Ministry of Commerce Announced to launch anti-dumping steel cold-dipped or coated aluminum alloy and zinc alloy 55% aluminum is an element. The ASTM A792 industry standard, under the 24-coordinate tariff, is 7210.61.11.011 7210.61.11.012 7210.61.11.013 7210.61.11.014 7210.61.11.021 7210.61.11.022 7210.61.11.023 7210.61.11.024 7210.61.11.031 7210.61.11.032 7210.61.11.033 7210.61.11.034 7210.61. 11,090 7210.61.91.031 […]

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